Mixed-Signal Group Part of R&D 100 Award Winning Product for 2014

A team led by Arkansas Power Electronics International has won a 2014 R&D 100 award for the development of a battery charger for the Toyota Prius. A collaborative research partnership, the project includes four other entities — Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America Inc., the National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission, an academic research center based at the University of Arkansas; Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cree Inc.

New Circuit Designs Function at Temperatures Greater than 650 F

Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas have designed integrated circuits that can survive at temperatures greater than 350° C—or roughly 660° F. Their work, funded by the National Science Foundation, will improve the functioning of processors, drivers, controllers and other analog and digital circuits used in power electronics, automobiles and aerospace equipment—all of which must perform at high and often extreme temperatures.