Integrated Circuit Design

Lead by

Alan Mantooth

Alan Mantooth

Distinguished Professor, Electrical Engineering



Novel Temperature Sensors and Wireless Telemetry for Active Condition Monitoring of Advanced Gas Turbines

Ultra-high-temperature thermocouples will be combined with high temperature wireless telemetry to enable real-time condition monitoring of the hot gas path in industrial turbines. Silicon carbide (SiC) analog and mixed signal circuits will be designed into a novel application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which will operate at temperatures in excess of 550 °C.

Reliable, High Power Density Inverters for Heavy Equipment Applications

As part of ARPAe’s CIRCUITS program, a 2 x 250 kW dual-power inverter will be designed for use in the electrification of heavy equipment. SiC power electronics and integrated circuits will aid in the goal of increased power density and decreased cost.

Enabling Ultra-Compact, Lightweight, Efficient, and Reliable 6.6 kW On-Board Bi-Directional Electric Vehicle Charger with Advanced Topology and Control

An on-board electric vehicle charger will be developed for ARPAe’s CIRCUITS program. A flying capacitor multi-level converter will be designed to reduce charging time while also servicing the vehicle’s auxiliary loads. The IC group will design power electronics circuitry as well as support circuits which will be used to produce a light, efficient, power-dense 6.6 kW converter.

Enabling Proactive Mitigation of Environmental Stresses in Crops and Efficient Use of Resources Through In-Plant Sensing

A miniaturized sensing platform prototype will be designed which can be inserted into stems of crops in order to provide real-time information about crop health. The system will consist of sensors, control and communication circuitry, and a microbattery. The analog front-end, digital controller, RF transceiver and power regulation must all be designed in such a way as to efficiently transmit sensed data from the crop which will allow for conservation of critical resources.

Past Projects
  • CMOS SiC ICs for Next-Generation Power Electronics
  • Silicon IC’s for Next-Generation Power Electronics
  • RF ICs for Distributed Wireless Networks
  • Asynchronous A/D Converter for In Situ Instruments Operating under Extreme Environments
  • A SiC-based Microcontroller for High-Temperature In-Situ Instruments and Systems
  • Application Specific Data Acquisition Using High Temperature Silicon Carbide CMOS