Compact Models

Compact models developed by MSCAD are available for download below. Unless otherwise noted, all models are in Verilog-A or in MAST.

Created: June 13, 2019

Latest Revision: June 13, 2019


SiC Power MOSFET Compact Device Model

A compact model for SiC Power MOSFETs is presented. The model features a physical description of the channel current and internal capacitances and has been validated for dc, CV, and switching characteristics with measured data from a 1200-V, 20-A SiC power MOSFET.

Created: December 2018

Latest Revision: December 2018


Unified Si/SiC Compact IGBT Model

The Unified Si/SiC Compact IGBT Model presented here can predict both n-channel and p-channel formulation.  The SiC IGBTs used for dc, CV and switching validation are a 12.5 kV n-channel device and a 13 kV p-channel device, while the Si IGBT chosen was IXDH30N120 from IXYS. To consider the two-stage voltage rise transient behavior, the field-stop layer has also been modeled. 

Created: August 2016

Latest Revision: August 2016