Our Facilities

Mixed-Signal / RF / Digital / Environmental Test Lab (CSRC)

The Mixed-Signal group is located at the Cato Springs Research Center (CSRC) and is part of the Arkansas Circuit Design Center (ACDC).

Room to 315 C at Probe/Wafer Testing (Semiprobe MI-6)

The Semiprobe MI-6 is a manual IC prober with 6” chuck. This unit is configured with up to 6 coax or triax probes and a triax chuck for high-precision leakage measurements and is probe-card compatible for testing of more complex chips. The system is optimized for integrated SiC and Si power electronics test with a heated chuck capable of 315 C.

-184 to 225 C Wide - temperature packaged part testing (Delta 9039)

The Delta 9039 temperature chamber is configured for LN2 operation down to -184 C and configured for pass-through test setups of up to 40 low-voltage signals.

-65 to 125 C at Probe / Wafer Testing (Cascade Summit 10600)

The Cascade Summit 10600 is a semi-automated IC prober with 6″ chuck. This unit is configured with high-precision (RF) manipulators including two triax and two Kelvin-capable probes. The system is optimized for Si IC design and is capable of MIL-spec temperature range through use of an enclosed chuck “microchamber” system.

Partner Labs

Students working in the Mixed-Signal research area also have access to facilities at the Engineering Research Center including: