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I am launching a scholarship campaign in honor of my past students to be funded by my past students. The group, 100-for-100, will fund scholarships for future electrical engineering students specifically in the MSCAD lab. I am asking each former student to donate $100/year to support the scholarship program (i.e., 100 people for $100).  (We will supply you with a tax-deductible notice.)  The money received will be pooled to sponsor/support graduate and undergraduate students of the MSCAD lab in power electronic packaging, power electronic circuit design, computer-aided design, device modeling, and integrated circuit design.  I plan to take this opportunity to memorialize two of our fallen graduate students: Dr. Mike Glover and Dr. Hung Phi Hoang. Their names will each be associated with one of the scholarships. Every dollar goes directly to the students. No overhead, no other purpose. Just to support students worthy of becoming MSCAD Alumni someday and joining your club!

Dr. Alan Mantooth,
Distinguished Professor

Our Research

Dr. Alan Mantooth greeted engineering faculty and students during a reception hosted at ECCE 2018.  Attendees included alumni from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

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Ozarks Electric Solar Facility Tour

Ozarks Electric Solar Facility Tour

A great tour of Ozarks Electric’s new 1MW facility East of Springdale for our June meeting. Special thanks to David McNew for taking time to help organize the visit and giving us a great tour. While a bit hot, we all learned some cool facts about the site, like its...

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The Mixed-Signal Computer Aided Design group is located at the Cato Springs Research Center (CSRC) and at the Engineering Research Center (ENRC).  The lab is part of the Arkansas Circuit Design Center (ACDC).